Hourly Care Benefits for Brentwood Seniors

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Proven Health Benefits

As we age, maintaining our home, health, and finances can become overwhelming. Stress and anxiety will only have a negative effect on one’s health and well being. It’s your time to relax and rest from the hard work you’ve put in, but it can be difficult to do so when there’s so much to do. Hourly care can help. A personal care assistant is able to provide hourly assistance in your own home helping with chores, light house cleaning, personal care, medication reminders, and much more. Hourly home care has proven to benefit overall health by lowering stress and giving peace of mind while you or your loved one can still maintain their independence as the head of household.

Affordable Cost

The best part of hourly home care is that it is affordable. Unlike other options, hourly home care is flexible meeting your needs and your budget. All you have to do is find the right service agency.

A-1 Home Care Agency

A-1 Home Care Agency has been providing service to the city of Brentwood and it’s surrounding communities. We work with your schedule and personalize your service according to your needs. A-1 Home Care offers hourly, live-in, and round the clock care. We work with long term care insurances and ensure that you or your loved one receives the best in-home care. Call us today at 562-929-8400 for your free quote!


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The Best in Alzheimer’s Care comes to the Brentwood Community


Alzheimer’s Disease

According to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, it is estimated that as many as 5.1 million Americans may have Alzheimer’s disease. Here are some commonly known symptoms and signs closely associated with Alzheimer’s Disease:

  1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life
  2. Challenges in planning or solving problems
  3. Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work, or at leisure
  4. Confusion with time and place
  5. Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships
  6. New problems with words in speaking or writing
  7. Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps
  8. Decreased or poor judgment
  9. Withdrawal from work or social activities
  10. Changes in mood and personality

Daily Tasks

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease can greatly effect daily tasks and activities of daily living. It can become increasingly difficult for a patient to manage their budget, keep track of their routine, manage appointments, or even make decisions in regards to their health and well-being. They eventually have to rely heavily on friends and family for assistance; however, without professional and reliable care, it is difficult to ensure that all of their needs are being met.

A-1 Home Care, the Best in Alzheimer’s Care

A-1 Home Care provides non-medical home care for Alzheimer’s patients in the city of Brentwood and the near by communities of Los Angeles. Let A-1 care for the needs of you or your loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Our CNAs, HHAs, and personal care assistants are experienced with the Alzheimer’s and are compassionate and sensitive to the needs of their clients. They are reliable and have a flexible availability. A-1 Home Care has been in business since 1991 and serves throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Let us give you peace of mind. Call us today at 310-657-8780 or 562-929-8400

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Affordable 24 Hour In-Home Care in Brentwood

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Live-in care, round the clock care, or 24 hour care is sometimes necessary for an aging senior who may experience difficulty with activities of daily living. They may have to rely on their family members or loved ones to provide the care they need, which can become burdensome on the family or keep them from doing the things they enjoy or love. If your family member or loved one has been diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s, has trouble running errands or doing chores around the house, or is in need of personal care, it may be time to consider receiving in-home care from a professional personal care assistant. A personal care assistant can provide care for your elderly loved one or family member giving you peace of mind while maintaining their independence.

Now you may wonder what would the cost be? Can we afford private in-home care? The answer is yes, with A-1 Home Care Agency in Brentwood. A-1 Home Care is professional, reliable, and affordable live-in round the clock 24 hour care for elderly, disabled, and terminally ill patients. We have been serving in and around the surrounding communities of Brentwood, Westwood, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Century City, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Culver City, and throughout the rest of Los Angeles and Orange County since 1991.

Our personal care assistants are registered Home Care Aides with the state of California, Live Scan approved, CPR certified, and TB tested. They also have letters of recommendation from their previous clients. We receive positive reviews from our clients and our personal care assistants. We are here to serve you. Hourly care is also available. Call us today at 310-657-8780 or 562-929-8400 for your free quote today!

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Paying for In-Home Care Services with Long-Term Care Insurance

After Surgery CareMany home care agencies today accept long-term care insurance as a form of payment for 24 hour care, live-in care, live-out care, home helper services, companion care, senior care, disability care, incontinence care and more.  The most popular type of policy sold is the comprehensive policy, which pays for hospice care, respite care, in-home care and other types of care in residential care facilities.  What sets in-home care services apart from domestic services is assistance with personal care, such as incontinence care or bathing.  LTC providers cover in-home care services if they include incontinence care or other services beyond the basic level of assistance with daily living activities.

Understanding Misconceptions of Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC)

Relying on Medicaid and Medicare for health insurance coverage when you get older will bite you in the rear end if you don’t invest in long-term care insurance.   The following ten misconceptions about LTC are derived from American Association of Retired Persons (AARP):

  1. Medicare will pay for care. It will only cover short-term care such as rehabilitation after injury or illness.  It will not meet the long-term needs of seniors.
  1. Insurance only covers nursing home care. LTC covers both nursing home care and in-home care.
  1. My family will take care of me for free. Even if they are not charging you, they are still paying out of pocket if they need to hire an in-home professional caregiver to take care of your personal hygiene needs.
  1. I’m too young to worry about it. That’s the best time to buy LTC because you are more likely to be qualified.
  1. When I need it, I’ll get it. By the time you’ll need it, it will be too late, because many LTC companies won’t insure people if they’ve been diagnosed with an illness.  This would be comparable to buying earthquake insurance after your house was destroyed by an earthquake.
  1. I’ll fail the medical screening. Don’t assume you will fail the screening.  You may be more qualified than you think.
  1. I was denied so I am uninsurable. Keep shopping around.le
  1. I can’t afford it. Talk to a long-term insurance provider first before you decide that you cannot afford it.
  1. Insurance will cover all my needs. As with all insurance, LTC has deductibles and if you use up the entire benefit amount that you paid for in premiums, you will have to start paying out-of-pocket.
  1. It’s too complicated.  You can talk to a long-term insurance representative or a home care agency to discuss your LTC options before you buy a policy.  A-1 Home Care’s management team will be more than happy to make some recommendations and you will get a firsthand overview of what LTC covers for in-home care services.

About A-1 Home Care

A-1 Home Care is Brentwood’s preferred non-medical home care agency dedicated to providing quality senior care services all over LA County.  Since its inception in 1991, A-1 Home Care has far exceeded the expectations of their clients, thanks to the wonderful team of caregivers, certified nurse assistants, certified home health aides, and licensed vocational nurses.  We make high quality in-home care within reach for everyone in your community because no senior should be left behind.  Paying out of pocket?  No problem!  You will be pleased to know how affordable our 24 hour care services are.  A-1 Home Care also accepts veteran benefits and long-term care insurance.

For more information about Stroke Care, call A-1 Home Care today (310) 657-8780 or visit www.brentwoodinhomecare.com for services in Brentwood and surrounding areas like Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Culver City and Malibu.

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Brentwood Arthritis Care for Seniors with Gout

caregiversGout is a form of inflammatory arthritis caused by a build-up of uric acid in the bloodstream.  The painful, swelling symptoms are especially noticeable in the feet, notably the big toe.  Whenever the sudden, intense pain comes in waves, or “gout attacks,” it can feel like one’s foot is on fire.  Gout comes in different forms, such as hyperuricemia, acute gout, and tophus gout, to name a few.  Hyperuricemia is just what it sounds like – too much uric acid in the bloodstream.  Acute gout is when you feel the “gout attack” coming but it only affects one joint.  If you neglect your arthritic condition, it will result in tophus gout, which is characterized by hard nodules in your skin and joint tissue.  A-1 Home Care in Brentwood offers quality 24-hour arthritis care to relieve seniors from daily tasks while encouraging them to live healthy lifestyles.

Helping Elderly Loved Ones Break Bad Habits

Gout could be the result of various factors such as blood and metabolism disorders, but lifestyle factors could also contribute to this arthritis condition such as excessive consumption of alcohol or certain foods like shellfish and red meat.  A-1 Home Care in Brentwood makes life easier for seniors suffering from this debilitating disease by helping them with cooking, cleaning, light housekeeping, bathing, grooming, and toileting care.  Our skilled certified nurse aides will help your elderly loved ones develop new habits to forge a healthier lifestyle, like exercising and limiting intake of alcohol.

About A-1 Home Care

Licensed, bonded and insured, A-1 Home Care is one of Brentwood’s leading home care agencies.  Time and time again, A-1 Home Care has exceeded seniors’ expectations in delivering outstanding 24-hour in-home care services for over two decades, so much so that they continually refer friends and families to A-1 Home Care for superior live-in and live-out in-home caregiver services.  We see to it that your elderly loved ones are matched with compatible, highly skilled and compassionate certified home health aides so you can rest assured.  Round-the-clock elder care relieves a lot of anxiety.  It feels good knowing you have help taking care of your aging loved ones while you still are able to manage your own life without losing your sanity.  You can finance affordable in-home care with our easy finance options or go through long-term care insurance and veteran benefits.

For more information about brain injury care, call A-1 Home Care today (310) 657-8780 or visit www.brentwoodinhomecare.com for services in Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Century City, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Malibu, Pasadena and other cities throughout LA County.

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Brentwood Brain Injury Care: Life after Subdural Hematomas

hA subdural hematoma is a type of brain injury caused by blood clotting outside the vessels.  The clotting builds pressure inside the skull which eventually causes you to lose consciousness.  Acute subdural hematomas are commonly caused by physical trauma to the head and chronic hematomas are caused by minor injuries.  All types of hematomas can be fatal if not treated properly.  Depending on the severity of the head injury, about 20% to 30% of traumatic brain injury patients regain partial or full function of their brains after sustaining the injury.  With symptoms such as seizures, loss of consciousness and visual problems, TBI patients need 24-hour in-home support for basic daily needs. In Brentwood and throughout Los Angeles County, A-1 Home Care works with families to provide superb round-the-clock brain injury care.

In-Home Brain Injury Care Means Quicker Recovery

If you or an elderly loved one was recently discharged from the hospital, head rest is the most important thing on your priority list.  If you live alone, do you have any family members who can assist with chores like meal preparation?  Even if you live with family or have roommates, they probably cannot take too much time off from work to help you during the day.  Forcing yourself to do things on your own will only increase the pressure on the soft tissue in your brain.  A live-in or live-out caregiver allows you to fully rest and heal faster while you receive the in-home care that you need, such as assistance with chores, errands, transportation, and personal care.

24 Hour Brain Injury Care at Competitive Rates

A-1 Home Care is Brentwood’s preferred home care agency in Los Angeles County.  Since its inception over two decades ago, A-1 Home Care has consistently delivered outstanding senior care services to families in Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, and other cities throughout LA County.  We recruit only the best in-home caregivers that Southern California has to offer so you could receive high quality 24-hour care at competitive rates.  Our commitment to integrity, fidelity, compassion and quality care is our promise to you, and customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  Talk to our care managers today about viable options for you or your elderly loved ones.

For more information about brain injury care, call A-1 Home Care today (310) 657-8780 or visit www.brentwoodinhomecare.com

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Brentwood In-Home Care: How Geography Affects Your Chances for Multiple Sclerosis

a-1 home careIs your living situation a contributing factor to your chances for developing Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?  Research suggests that developed countries with better sanitation have more cases of Multiple Sclerosis than other places; the cause is undetermined, but in the words of Dr. Nicholas LaRocca, Vice President of healthcare delivery and policy research for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, “if you look at a map of the world, you’ll see that the risk increases as you move farther away from the Equator… We know that as sanitation improves, so does the risk of contracting MS.”  Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that manifests various symptoms such as pain in the back or eyes, impaired coordination, excessive urination at night, vision loss, fatigue, and sensation of pins and needles, tingling and burning, among other symptoms.  Day-to-day functioning becomes more difficult as the autoimmune disease of the central nervous system progresses over time.  A-1 Home Care in Brentwood provides excellent round-the-clock Multiple Sclerosis Care for your daily needs.


Highly Skilled Live-In Caregivers Help Manage Symptoms

In addition to providing assistance with daily activities, such as light housekeeping, meal preparation and personal care, certified nurse aides from A-1 Home Care in Brentwood will help you manage MS symptoms by setting an exercise routine and reducing stress.   Our live-in caregivers will collaborate with your physical and occupational therapists to implement an appropriate exercise program for your loved ones.  A live-out companion care worker reduces stress by listening to your loved one’s thoughts and feelings throughout the day; in-home care simplifies your responsibilities with regard to mundane chores such as picking up prescriptions or managing your bills.  Enjoy a delicious, well-balanced meal that increases your energy and nutrition levels.

About A-1 Home Care in Brentwood

A-1 Home Care has earned a solid reputation with families in Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Culver City, Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Hollywood, Century City and other cities throughout Los Angeles County.  Going 25 years strong, we still hear from return clients who continually refer their friends and family members because of the satisfaction they get from our caregiver services.  We take senior safety and elder care very seriously; all caregivers are required to pass an extensive criminal background check and are covered by malpractice insurance.  They also pass multiple interviews, first by our care management staff, and then by you – because we understand that just because we may like a caregiver does not mean you will like the home care aide we picked for you.  Every client gets to interview a selection of caregivers before anyone is allowed to enter their home.


For more information about Multiple Sclerosis Care, call A-1 Home Care today (310) 657-8780 or visit www.brentwoodinhomecare.com

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