Brentwood Multiple Sclerosis Care

a-1 home care altadena hospice care caregiversYoung adults are typically associated with exuberant health and vitality.  However, each year about 400,000 unlucky young adults are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an autoimmune disease that affects the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves.  Nerve cells are covered by a myelin sheath, and when this covering is damaged by inflammation, nerve signals sent from the brain slow down.  The cessation of brain signals leads to symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, such as loss of balance, numbness, muscle spasms, difficulty with moving extremities, double vision, memory and hearing loss, and cognitive impairment.  The cause of MS is unknown, but genetic factors and childhood infections play a role

To help deal with the impact of Multiple Sclerosis, home care agencies like A-1 Home Care offer assistance with daily activities at home, such as meal preparations, laundry, light housecleaning, transportation, catheter management, physical and occupational therapy, bathing and grooming.  Our certified nurse assistants, caregivers and companions have provided excellent care for over 20 years – it’s no wonder our clients continue to refer their families and friends to us!

Call us today (310) 657-8780 or visit our website for more information. We help families in Brentwood, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu and surrounding areas.

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