Exercise Brain Power with Senior Caregiver

Mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s and Dementia can occur when a person enters into his or her senior years. Though the exact cause is unknown, there have been studies done to how one can going about preventing or decreasing the chances of developing them. According to some studies, brain exercise, as well as physical exercise can help decrease the risk of having Dementia. Such exercises can include brain teasers, puzzles, and games, such as cross word puzzles or Sudoku. Why not try for a riddle right now?

Name a cake you can eat in heaven.

Name a cake you can clean with.

Name a cake you can catch a mouse with.

This is just one example of many riddles and games that you can use to exercise your brain Here at A-1 Home Care, we know all about the issues affecting the senior community and that’s why we offer 24 Hour and live in caregivers to assist in the home and help you exercise your body and mind. Along with Senior Care and Companion Care, our caregivers can administer care for special needs, physical therapy and meal preparations.

a-1 home care senior assistance

Call our office now at 310-657-8780 for more information on our caregiver services or visit us at Brentwood In Home Care. And if you’re wondering about the answers, it’s A) Angel Cake, B) Sponge Cake, C) Cheese Cake.

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