Brentwood Brain Injury Care: Life after Subdural Hematomas

hA subdural hematoma is a type of brain injury caused by blood clotting outside the vessels.  The clotting builds pressure inside the skull which eventually causes you to lose consciousness.  Acute subdural hematomas are commonly caused by physical trauma to the head and chronic hematomas are caused by minor injuries.  All types of hematomas can be fatal if not treated properly.  Depending on the severity of the head injury, about 20% to 30% of traumatic brain injury patients regain partial or full function of their brains after sustaining the injury.  With symptoms such as seizures, loss of consciousness and visual problems, TBI patients need 24-hour in-home support for basic daily needs. In Brentwood and throughout Los Angeles County, A-1 Home Care works with families to provide superb round-the-clock brain injury care.

In-Home Brain Injury Care Means Quicker Recovery

If you or an elderly loved one was recently discharged from the hospital, head rest is the most important thing on your priority list.  If you live alone, do you have any family members who can assist with chores like meal preparation?  Even if you live with family or have roommates, they probably cannot take too much time off from work to help you during the day.  Forcing yourself to do things on your own will only increase the pressure on the soft tissue in your brain.  A live-in or live-out caregiver allows you to fully rest and heal faster while you receive the in-home care that you need, such as assistance with chores, errands, transportation, and personal care.

24 Hour Brain Injury Care at Competitive Rates

A-1 Home Care is Brentwood’s preferred home care agency in Los Angeles County.  Since its inception over two decades ago, A-1 Home Care has consistently delivered outstanding senior care services to families in Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, and other cities throughout LA County.  We recruit only the best in-home caregivers that Southern California has to offer so you could receive high quality 24-hour care at competitive rates.  Our commitment to integrity, fidelity, compassion and quality care is our promise to you, and customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  Talk to our care managers today about viable options for you or your elderly loved ones.

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